Monday, July 22, 2013

Life is a festival, you just have to dance to it.

Dreamcatcher Top: DasGoldeneTaxi
Tie dye kimono: Vintage Via Asos Marketplace (ElsieAndFred)
Studded shorts: River Island
Western Belt: Miss Selfridge 
Cuff: Urban Outfitters
I really love wearing this look in summer! It's a mixture of typical festival style, boho and rock chic, I guess. The tie dye Kimono is vintage and I got it some weeks ago via Asos Marketplace. I've become a huge fan of this website, because you can get edgy reworked or vintage clothing and sometimes you can make a real bargain! Its colorful colors are perfect for summer, definitely an eye-catcher when you're in town or at a festival. My studded shorts which you probably already know from several looks I posted before, are my favorites. Really, I kinda wear them weekly when it's hot outside. They fit to every outfit and add the right rock 'n' roll touch to pieces. I'm not sure if studs are in fashion anymore, because everyone's got tired of seeing them on everyone's jackets or tops in 2012/ early 2013, I guess. But in my opinion studs will always look perfect on shorts or leather jackets. I was very happy when I got the Dreamcatcher Top from DasGoldeneTaxi which is a new fashion brand based in Munich, Germany. (btw I love Munich sooo much, I enjoy being in that city every time!) Dreamcatchers are amazing, especially as a print on a shirt or jewelry. I remember having one hanging above my bed when I was little, but it hadn't been protecting me from nightmares, though haha.

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