Sunday, June 2, 2013

Every flower must grow through dirt.

Ethnic print jacket: Bershka
Guns 'n' Roses Top: H&M
Studded Shorts: River Island
Lita Spike boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Jewelry: Topshop, Forever21, Bijou Brigitte
Mirror round sunglasses: eBay

I wore that look last week when the weather had been better than it is now. I love the material of the jacket, it keeps you warm in summer and add the perfect boho touch to every outfit. I combined it with one of my favorite band tops and my studded denim shorts from River Island. Not to forget: My new mirrored round sunnies! I'm pretty much into round sunnies as you know and reflective ones go perfectly with jewelry or other details in silver. They are a bit darker than the ones I usually wear though which might be annoying when it's cloudy, but all in all they're awesome and perfect! 

I seriously begin to hate Germany for having such an awful weather these days. Freakin' cold and rain all the time. I just want to move haha. My holidays are over now and I have to go back to school tomorrow. 7,5 weeks more and I'm finally finished for 6 weeks until my last year in college starts. There are so many exams until July (twice per week actually!) and I'm so glad when it's over. Due to the weather I wasn't able to take that many pictures of looks I actually want to upload, but next week is going to be better and I finally shoot many new looks. I also ordered many new clothes online during my holidays which hopefully arrive soon. I'm so excited, I'm always like a child on Christmas when the packages arrive. I'm getting my first pair of Dr. Martens ("Darcie"). :-)

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  1. Dr Martens, yeah I'm gonna buy a new pair of 1460 in dark green or purple :)
    Love your jacket so much!