Monday, February 11, 2013

Spring Daze and Songs // Win a leggings!

Yesterday evening I was searching for some new and cool songs and after watching Forever 21's new "SpringDaze" commercial I totally fell in love with the song.
The song is called "So Prone" by Slutever. It reminds me of summer, sun and the US. I really love it.
Here you can listen to a little "sneak-peak" from the FF21 video:

I love the fashion, too! Hopefully the collection will also be available on the european online shop, the greatest pieces are usually unavailable here. I love the quilted jacket, the american flag denim jacket und the cute bohemian inspired jewelry. The model Chloe Nørgaard is also very inspiring, I love her style and hair. Another new song is "I Come With Knives" by IAMX.
IAMX also release a new album in March. "I come with knives" is the opener and it's freakin' good!
It's a german-english mixture, I usually don't like german vocals at all, but I kinda like it here.

and last but not least: "Touched" by Vast. 

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